Formula First Round 7 - Taupo

23/24 March 2019

Backwards at Turn 1


Race 1 of Round 7 of the NZ Formula First Championship didn't go to plan, when I found myself facing the wrong way at the first turn after having to avoid another driver. During the race I made my way back through the field where I finished 7th.

However the car showed it had some boogie so I was looking forward to races 2 and 3.

Both of Sunday's races had their fair share of highs and lows.

In a close fought Race 2 I came away with 2nd. However the car sustained some wheel and tyre contact damage during the race. Due to the short turn around between races we had to run wet tyres at the rear on a dry track for the final race. This wasn't ideal but at the end of another close race I finished 4th.

With one round left of the championship I still sit 3rd and am excited for the final round in 3 weeks time.



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